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Welcome back to all the students and parents for another successful

school year.


Student fees are due and are $30 per student

(discounts are available to families) so if your student has not yet

paid, please send in the money as soon as you can.


 Coming up in October:

Wednesday October 9, 2019 - Embedded CLT (dismissal at 1:40)

Monday October 14, 2019 - Thanksgiving Day (No Students)

Wednesday October 23, 2019 -Embedded CLT (dismissal at 1:40)

Friday October 25, 2019 - NSTU Provincial Conference (No students)

Monday, October 28, 2019 - School Picture Re-take day

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 - Parent-Teacher (Evening 6-8:00)

Thursday October 31, 2019 - Parent-Teacher (Afternoon 1-3:00

                                                      - students dismiss at 12:10) 

Wed.,Thurs., & Friday - Oct. 30 & 31st and Nov. 1st - Grad photos

   (see directly below for the link to make your appointment,

     appointments are not taken at the FHCS office. Thank you)



Below is the link for your graduates to book their portrait sitting.
The graduation portrait dates are: October 30th, 31st, and Nov. 1st



Invitation to all Parents, Caregivers and Teachers!!

Your SchoolsPlus Outreach staff is excited to offer a FREE parenting program

this Fall designed to prevent and treat behaviour concerns in young children

and to strengthen relationships between caregivers and their children.

The SchoolsPlus Outreach Team from the SSRCE has selected Forest Heights

Community School to offer the INCREDIBLE YEARS PROGRAM!

Goals of the Incredible Years Parenting Program are:

  • Promoting child social competence, emotional regulation, academic
  • readiness and problem solving skills,
  • To prevent and reduce behaviour and emotional concerns in young
  • children,
  • To improve our parent-child interactions, build positive relationships
  • and attachments, improve parental functioning by using more nurturing
  • methods, and increase parental social support and problem solving
  • To improve teacher-student relationships/teacher-parent partnerships
  • and to strengthen social and emotional competence and conflict management skills.


When: Thursday mornings from 10:30-12:30 at Forest Heights Community

School.  This will be a 5 week commitment beginning on October 24, 2019!

To Register: Call/Text: Amy Foster (SchoolsPlus Outreach at NRCS) at

902-523-5731 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  OR Clare Power (SchoolsPlus

Outreach at ACES, CDS, CAMS) at 902-523-2917 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

OR Tina Dearing (SchoolsPlus Outreach at FHCS) at 902-521-2767 or

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                   We can help cover the cost of gas and childcare, if needed!

Space will be limited to 14 adults! Please RSVP by October 16! 




Nova Scotia Education and Early Childhood Development has issued

an announcement regarding Changes to Gender Documentation in

Schools.  Here is the link to this document:

Changes to Gender Documentation in Schools


Student Attendance Matters !

We want our students to reach their full potential. To reach that potential, it’s important that

they come to school regularly and on time. Regular attendance is one of the best ways

to help ensure students are successful in school and later in life. It can lead to better

grades, developing important social skills and friendships, and a greater opportunity

of graduating from high school.

When attending school regularly, students are present for class discussions,

demonstrations, group work, hands on activities, etc. These are among the most

effective ways for students to learn.

Absenteeism Facts:

•Students should miss no more than 9 days of school each year to stay engaged,

successful and on track to graduation.
•Absences can be a sign that a student is losing interest in school, struggling

with school work,
dealing with a bully or facing some other potentially serious difficulty.
•For high school students, missing 20% of class time puts them at risk for

losing credit in a course.
•Students can be chronically absent even if they only miss a day or two

every few weeks.

Every Day Counts...........

Missing 1 or 2 days a week doesn’t seem like much but...
If your child misses...     That equals about...      Which is about...            Equaling...

1 day/week                        40 days/year               5.5 weeks/year            22% of the school year 

2 days/week                       80 days/year              11 weeks or 3 mos       43% of the school year
3 days/week                     120 days/year               6 months                    65% of the school year


Education and Early Childhood Development - Student Attendance Website

Fact Sheet
Operational Plan

Forest Heights Community School, we believe all students can learn if we establish high standards of learning that we expect all students to achieve.


unite to achieve a common purpose and clear goals;
work together in collaborative teams;
seek and implement promising strategies for improving student achievement on a continuing basis;
monitor each student’s progress;
and demonstrate a personal commitment to the academic success and general well-being of all students.

Forest Heights Community School is situated in rural Chester Grant, Lunenburg County. Our student population is about 370 in grades 9 to 12.  Our school is a bussing school with a large geographic catchment area; north to New Ross and the Forties, south to Chester Basin, west to Martin’s River and east to Hubbards and the Aspotogan Peninsula.  We have approximately 43 staff including Teachers, Office Assistants, Program Support Assistants, Custodians, Cafeteria Workers, and Community School Staff. 

Forest Heights is a Community School.  The Community School Coordinator, who has an office in the building, coordinates community programs many of which operate out of our school.  Please select FHCS Community to view more information. 



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