Forest Heights Community School



Accidents and Illness


Should you become ill during the day, you may not leave school without first reporting to the office.  Your parent/guardian will be notified. If transportation arrangements cannot be made, you must remain at school until arrangements are made. If you are injured at school you must report your injury to the school administrative assistant within 24 hours of the injury to ensure insurance coverage. If students are ill we cannot prevent them from leaving to get medical attention.





Students may bring only those vehicles that are registered for highway use to school.  For students' safety, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and ATV's are not permitted on school property. Those individuals in violation of this request will be reported to the RCMP. Students are reminded that student parking is available in the lower paved parking lot, the two lower gravel parking lots, and the lower part of the upper parking lot.  The rest of the upper parking lot is for staff and visitors to the school and is clearly marked. Students found parking in the upper parking lot will be asked to move.  All staff, students, and visitors should not park in the fire lane.



Returning Graduates


Students planning to return to school after graduation must meet with administration to obtain permission to return, and agree to attend all scheduled classes. Consideration will be given to the student's career goals and the appropriateness of course selection. Returning students will be enrolled only after grade 10, 11, and 12 students are scheduled and providing there is room available in selected courses.





Lockers are provided as a convenience.  Students are responsible for keeping their lockers clean and orderly.  No decorations are allowed on the outside of the locker.


Locks must be kept locked on your locker while you are not present.  Lockers are paid for through your student fees.  Students will be responsible for the replacement cost of locks not returned at the end of the year.


Lockers and the locks securing them are school property and therefore are subject to search by school administration, agents or the police.  Lockers can be searched without notification to students or parents if deemed necessary by the school administration.


A record of locker assignments will be kept with the homeroom teacher. Any student changing their assigned locker must notify the office for approval and record keeping purposes.



All lockers are the property of the school.   It is expected that students will treat them with respect.  If lockers are damaged or defaced, students are to inform the office and the student responsible will be asked to pay for the damages or clean the lockers.



Students are advised not to share their locker combinations with others.  Locker assignments, combinations, and changes will be handled through homeroom teacher.




Student Code of Conduct


All public schools will now follow the Provincial School Code of Conduct Policy (see bottom of page)



Community School


Forest Heights has a Community School Coordinator whose office is located in the main lobby.


As a student, you may participate in some of the adult recreational gym programs free of charge.  Adult programs are for those individuals sixteen years of age and over. There are often Youth Programs available to the school, as well.


Four times a year, the “Explore Life”   program brochure that offers over 50 programs is published and distributed to your mailbox or is available at  Students may enrol in courses like Emergency First Aid, WHMIS, Babysitting, etc. that may be of interest to them or help them to obtain employment.


Sometimes there are employment opportunities at Forest Heights. Look to the announcement board for potential jobs.


If you are interested in seeing a particular course or activity offered, you are invited to stop by and chat with the Community School Coordinator.  He is always willing to try to get new things going for interested students with initiative.





The Administrative Team at Forest Heights have a legitimate interest in avoiding disruption to the educational process, protecting the safety and welfare of the students and staff, and to protect the school's facilities and equipment from misuse or vandalism.

Limitations are placed on visitors to avoid disruption to school operations and to prevent any possible problems relating to the overall safety of all of our staff and students.  Any person other than Forest Heights students, staff or South Shore Regional School Board personnel are regarded as visitors and need to report to the administration office upon entering the building.  Permission to remain in the building will be granted in cases of official education business.  No student visitors will be permitted for any other reason.






Students are warned not to leave their valuables unattended (e.g. book bags, electronic devices, purses, wallets, etc.).  The school cannot accept responsibility for the loss of personal property.  You are responsible for the replacement cost of lost/damaged books, jerseys, and equipment so please take good care of them.



Scent Sensitive Policy


FHCS is committed to providing a healthy environment for students, staff, and community users.  In considering the well-being of everyone, Forest Heights Community School implemented a Scent Sensitive Policy on September 1st, 1998.


We ask all those who use this school to not wear perfume, cologne, aftershave or scented personal care products.  Those who choose to wear such products will be asked to wash them off.  Any student repeatedly choosing to wear such products may be subject to disciplinary action.  We are concerned for the safety of our community members and will act to ensure a safe environment for all.


This Policy is also in effect for any evening programs or other activities that are conducted within the school.


  Nut Aware

  FHCS is a Nut Aware facility and recognize that some members of our school community are    

  dangerously allergic. We ask that no peanuts/nut products be brought to school.





Homeroom teachers are responsible for collecting student fees on the first day students return to school.   Students who are taking advantage of the 'family plan' method of payment are to pay their student fees at the office.   Fees paid after the first day will also be collected in the office.


The $30.00 fee is charged to all students attending FHCS.  $10.00 goes to Student Government as an activity  fee to support  the many  programs offered such as special activities,  cultural events,  graduation, awards,  etc. that are not funded through  our school budget.  The remaining $20.00 goes to the office to help supplement student printing, photocopying, locks and lockers, and extra-curricular activities.  All students will receive a lock and locker after their fees have been paid.  Please encourage your children to pay their student fee as soon as they can. If there are extenuating financial circumstances, please call the Principal at 902-275-2701. This conversation will remain confidential.


If more than one student is attending FHCS, the second student in the family will pay $20.00, and any remaining students in the family will pay $10.00.





We believe that student attendance is extremely important for their schooling. All Public schools will now follow the Provincial Attendance Policy.  The link provided directs you to the Provincial Attendance Policy.


Please note that students may be removed from classes if they miss more than 20% of a class. This is done at the discretion of the principal, and all factors will be taken into consideration.



Attendance Recording


Period attendance and punctuality will be recorded during each class.  Parents and students have live access to this information through Power School.  Please contact the school if you do not yet have an account.





  All students will be assigned a homeroom.  Periodically throughout the year students will report to their homeroom to receive correspondence for home, report cards, or important information.



Leaving School Early


Students leaving school early must sign out at the office just prior to leaving.  For classes missed a written excuse is to be provided to the office or the office must receive a phone call within 2 days.



  Closed Campus


 We refer to FHCS as a closed campus; this means that students are not permitted to enter the

 woods/bushes around the property and students who wish to leave school grounds over the lunch        

 hour should sign out at the office.  

Grade 9 students will not be permitted to leave school grounds during lunch hour without being signed out by a parent/guardian.  They will need to bring their lunch from home or buy it from the cafeteria.  



Smoking / Vaping

There is absolutely no smoking or vaping inside the school or on school grounds.  The administration treats this as a very serious safety risk and it will be strictly enforced.  

Grade 9 students will also not be permitted in the smoking area at any time during the school day.  This includes recess and lunch.  If a student is not meeting these expectations then they will have appropriate consequences from administration.


Drugs  and  Alcohol


Please refer to the Provincial Code of Conduct Policy (see bottom of page).


Excusable Absences


Reasons for student absences from school may be accepted or rejected by the school. STUDENT SICKNESS, MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS, SERIOUS ILLNESS OR DEATH IN THE FAMILY are considered acceptable excuses.  Every effort should be made to arrange medical appointments outside of school hours. Students at FHCS will be excused from class when they are involved in school co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.


Students who miss school must bring a written excuse, dated and signed by a parent or guardian or have them contact the office for every absence, including single periods during the day.  This must be presented no more than 2 school days after the absence.  Excuses will be kept on file in the office. If a written excuse is not submitted within 2 school days immediately following the absence, the absence may be considered unexcused.



Athletic and Extra-Curricular Participation


With the privilege of participating in extra-curricular activities comes a level of responsibility.  As a participant in athletics or other extra-curricular activities at FHCS, you represent yourself, your family, your community and your school.


The responsibilities and expectations placed upon you by other students, teachers and administrators are significant.  Therefore you are asked to represent FHCS to the best of your ability.



Athlete's Duties


As an athlete at FHCS you have many duties, some of which are:

  1. Treat visiting teams and officials with respect.
  2. Show respect for athletic equipment and facilities.
  3. Dress in an appropriate manner for home and away games.
  4. Be responsible for uniform neatness and management.
  5. Advise your coach if you are unable to attend a practice or game.
  6. Become involved in student council or team specific fundraising efforts.



Extra-Curricular Eligibility


Participants in extra-curricular activities must meet the following expectations:

  1. In a semester you must take not less than three courses and a total of six courses for the year.
  2. You must be under the age of 19 effective September 30th of the current school year to be eligible to participate in athletics.
  3. Course and school attendance must be You may not participate on a day in which you have an unexcused absence.
  4. Students are expected to be working to their potential.  
  5. The Provincial Code of Conduct and all policies must be strictly followed.





At Forest Heights Community School we like to provide our students with the opportunity to participate in school dances.   To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all, we ask that students comply with the following guidelines:


  1. Students shall not use drugs or alcohol prior to or while attending the Those in violation will not be permitted to any remaining dances and will face a 5 day in-school suspension.
  2. Students with an unexcused absence on the day of the dance will not be permitted to attend.
  3. Students may only sign in one guest per dance, and are responsible for the behaviors of their guest. All guests must be of school age or have graduated from high school within the last year.
  4. Emergency contact information must be provided for all guests.
  5. All guests must be signed in 24 hours prior to the dance.
  6. All guests must be approved byadministration. If your guest is not approved, administration will try to notify you before the dance.
  7. All guests must have picture ID.
  8. Doors will close 1/2 hour after the start of the dance.
  9. Once a participant leaves the designated areas for the dance, they will no longer be permitted back into the dance.
  10. All students must enter through the main dance entrance.
  11. All students and their possessions are subject to search by administration or designates.
  12. Students are not permitted to allow others into the dance through alternate entrances.
  13. Be respectful to staff, students and other participants.
  14. Students are asked to behave in an appropriate manner for a school environment.
  15. All bags and coats/jackets must be placed in the office before entering the dance.


Students found to be in violation of the guidelines will face consequences which may include, but are not limited to, being asked to leave the dance, not being permitted to attend the following dance, and may face further consequences in accordance with Provincial Code of Conduct.


Participation Exclusion


A student's eligibility may be revoked at any time by school administration in consultation with coaching and teaching personnel.  Several steps that may be taken include:

  1. A "probationary'' period during which the student is given time to effectively address deficiencies while continuing to play.
  2. A period of probation during which the student is not permitted to play until deficiencies are addressed.
  3. Immediate removal from the team or activity for breaches of expectations.


Cell Phones and other Electronic Devices

We ask that students refrain from using cell phones and other electronic devices during instruction time, unless they are being used as part of the lesson or activity.



Internet Usage


Forest Heights Community School provides access to the resources on the FHCS network and on the Internet. When used wisely these resources can enrich and transform learning experiences.


Freedom of access to the wealth of resources available on the Internet needs to be accessed responsibly.  Each user of the Internet must recognize his or her responsibility in accepting this freedom of access.





At Forest Heights Community School, we believe in establishing high standards of learning that allow all students to achieve and improve.   To ensure that all students achieve and improve, we have developed a number of academic interventions.



Academic Interventions


The extent and specific type of academic intervention is determined as the result of a Core Planning Team Referral. Generally, students who are failing two or more courses are deemed as requiring academic interventions. Any student may take advantage of an academic intervention by requesting a Core Planning Team Referral to deem if intervention is necessary.



Study Periods


All students on study periods must be in one of the designated areas (cafeteria, learning commons, outside).  Students on study periods should not be interrupting or disrupting classes that are in session.



Program Planning Team Referral


Students who are having difficulty completing work are also referred to our Program Planning Team for review.  As a result of a PPT referral, a student may receive Individual Adaptations or an Individual Program Plan.



Learning Commons


The learning commons is a place for students to work independently or collaboratively while on their study period or with their teacher’s permission.  Teachers may also bring whole classes to the learning commons for research or for collaborative activities.  At time the learning commons may be closed for small presentations or functions.


Working in the learning commons is a privilege not a right, those students disrupting the learning of others may be asked to leave.





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